Git - What is subtree?

I had a problem with git recently. I was developing a plugin for the Atom text editor. I am developing in ClojureScript (Check this out if you want a preview of what this is) that is compiled to JavaScript. I then faced the (sad?) reality of Atom releases. The plugin must be at the root of the git repository on the master branch.

This is not going to work out for me as my file setup is like this:

.                     # This is the root of my git repo
├── assets
├── plugin            # This is where my plugin is compiled
├── project.clj
├── src               # This is my ClojureScript source
└── target

I was facing a problem: I want the content of my plugin folder to be pushed on a master branch.

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Brain teaser with Brainfuck

Do you know brainfuck? Is your logic good? It’s time to find out! I propose you a small challenge in this esoteric language. Why brainfuck? Because it’s easy to learn and it will test your logical thinking.

If you know brainfuck, you can go directly to the challenge. Else, bear with me, it’s simple… or is it?

Brainfuck code

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Google CTF - Ernst Echidna

Let’s talk about the Ernst Echidna web challenge of the Google CTF.

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

The challenge description goes like that:

Can you hack this website? The robots.txt sure looks interesting.

Let’s start by loading the website.

Ernst Echidna homepage

A good practice (especially on web CTF) is to follow the trails that are given, and then explore around them. Let’s follow the robots.txt trail.

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Google CTF - Wallowing Wallabies - Part One

This post is about the Wallowing Wallabies web challenge of the Google CTF.

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

On the website, we are greeted by this beautiful page:

Wallowing Wallabies home page

As interesting as this page is, I quickly moved to the sitemap.xml (none were found) and to the robots.txt:

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